About Faculty Retreat

Since 2006, The European Reality Therapy Faculty Retreat has been a regular meeting of  Choice Theory accredited faculty. Since they come from differet Europen countries which are EART members retreat is  designed  to enable  knowing each other in unformal as well as in formal way.
Retreat offer possibilities for excanging experiences, learning, harmonising  and profesional development as well as developing of the training program. It’s organized every 2 years. Every time one of EART members is the host.
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  • exchanging experiences
  • learning
  • harmonising
  • profesional development
  • developing of the training program

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EART Members

Association for Reality Therapy Malta

Association for RT of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Assocciation for Reality Therapy Finland

Bulgarian Association for Reality Therapy

Slovenian Association for Reality Therapy

European Institute for Reality Therapy

Croatian Association for Reality Therapy

William Glasser Institute Ireland

William Glasser Institute UK

Russian Association for Reality Therapy